Thoughts on Trump

Dear Donald John Trump,

You lied to us, you stole from us, you hated us, you beat us, you mocked us, you tried to turn us against each other, you spat on the things we hold most dear, and you told us we were the crazy ones. You tore mothers from their babies, you took away our rights, you made us sick and broke and homeless and hungry. You killed us.

And still, you did not break us.

The day after you were inaugurated, millions of people around the world gathered together to remind you that we still existed, in numbers too large to ignore, and to show you that we weren’t going anywhere.

And we didn’t. We fought you - our own abuser - every single day.

You wanted us to turn on each other but we turned towards each other. You wanted us to give up but we gave it our all. You wanted us to hate our country but we learned what it means to love it.

At the Women’s March we carried a little speaker and played the Helen Reddy song “I Am Woman” on repeat:

Yes I am wise

But it’s wisdom born of pain

Yes I’ve paid the price

But look how much I’ve gained

Your small pit of a heart could never know what I’ve gained. The love, the community, the purpose, the passion in my veins.

All thanks to you, my life is forever changed. Fighting you has “deepened the conviction in my soul” - the conviction that the only life worth living is one that blazes paths of justice with every step.

There is nothing I could wish for you worse than what you are currently trapped in; I know your life is already a sad hell.

There will be consequences for your crimes, but none more damning than the real revolution of love and justice you ignited, which you will be forced to watch blossom and grow and thrive for the rest of your days.

The end.