Friends, colleagues, comrades,


You’ve got questions? I’ve got…general outlines of answers.

What is this?

This is a newsletter, written by me, Jessica James, that you will receive between 1-3 times a month, direct to your inbox.

What’s it about?

Well, you know, things. Generally I’ll try to keep the things to topics I actually know something about, like: strategic activism and organizing; fundraising, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility; mindfulness and meditation; and trying to raise white male kids who are antiracist, open minded and emotionally literate. But there are no off limits, and no promises. You may get the occasional rant about Bridgerton, a late night musing about the sad and surreal moment we’re living in, or a gift guide featuring all female or BIPOC owned businesses!

A lot of these thoughts get sketched out on my Instagram stories, which have become the closest thing to a party I’ve had in a year. Mix up a drink and pull up a seat at @limojames for the totally unpolished first drafts of what will probably end up here.

Can I suggest a thing?

I’d love for you to! Email me at or comment here on topics you’re interested in opening up a conversation about.

And…who are you again?

I’m a consultant and coach furthering the work of nonprofits and ethical corporations through strategy development and fundraising. Social justice now, but make it joyful.

I’m in school to become a Mindfulness-based Meditation Teacher - my life was changed 10 years ago when I heard Micheal Chender say, “you don’t have to trust your own thoughts.”

A Maplewood, NJ resident by way of Brooklyn —> Los Angeles —> Birmingham, AL married to a Brit, I’m Mommy to a 6 year old Minecraft addict and a 2 year old who’s favorite phrase is “Wowwww!!! Cooooll!!!!”

And finally….

Unless you are a white supremacist or QAnon troll, you and all of your observations and challenges are welcome here.

This is meant to be a conversation. I talk to myself enough (just ask my 15 year old cat - he’s heard it ALL). We are isolated and hungry for connection and stimulation. Let’s make this that.

With love, solidarity and all the things,