Friends, colleagues, comrades,

I started this newsletter in the depths of the pandemic as a way to feel something, to connect somehow, and to have an excuse to do what I yearn to do more than any other thing - write. I imagined a world in which I, like the meme cat on the keyboard, just hurdled a wide array of thoughts out multiple times a month in various formats and lengths. But as I began to explore this medium, and as my life shifted and evolved as lives do, I realized that it’s more a space for long form thoughts on the biggest questions I hold and relationships I have and parts of me that may be obscured by the patter of life and work and parenthood.

And, that I can only do that every few months.

So the good news is that if you subscribe you certainly won’t be inundated! But when thoughts on things do arrive in your inbox I hope they take you somewhere new, or show you something different about something you already know, or, at the very least, just give you an interesting story to read on your commute.

Thanks for being here, whoever and wherever you are.

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